We’ll try to put up a great show: Rajniesh Duggal on his team Goa Killer playing in MTV BCL


Actor Rajniesh Duggal, who is heading Goa Killer as their captain in Anand Mishra and Ekta Kapoor’s MTV BCL, says that he wanted to be part of the tournament last year too, but couldn’t because of work commitments. The actor is looking forward to this season. “BCL has a very interesting format of cricket played with a soft ball. The very idea intrigued me. I was about to play it last year, but was tied up with ‘Aarambh’. Now that we will finish playing all the matches within a span of 10 days, it has become easier to take out time,” he says, adding, “The owners of Goa Killer – Manik Soni and Alan Kapoor – are very professional and good friends of mine. We’ll try and put up a great show for the audience.”

Talking about the challenges with playing with a different ball, Rajniesh says, “Playing with the softy ball is very tricky, yet a lot of fun. It takes a few days just to get used to the ball. I feel control and practice is key. With the few days of practice that we have got, I think we will be able to play well. We are ‘In It To Win It!’.”

Rajniesh is focussed on being a good captain to his team. “The team is pretty balanced but we are still short of a couple of all rounders. The main task would be to set up big totals and keeping the team focused. As a captain, it’s also my responsibility to lead the way and I plan on doing just that,” he says.

The actor says that the team is putting in a lot of hard work already. “We have got only 6-7 days of practice time since our team has been formed last minute. We’re trying to polish our game as much as possible before the matches. By the time the matches start, I’ll have my weapons ready!” he says.

Along with practice, Rajniesh has also been following a strict diet and exercise regime. “I indulge in sports and functional training and eat a lot of fruits, salads and fistful of nuts daily. I sometimes also indulge in full fat parathas, that add on to my energy levels. I also do suryanamaskars every day,” he says.

Rajniesh and cricket go way back. “I’m a gully cricket boy and have grown up playing cricket and football in my backyard, fields, grounds, stadiums…everywhere. In fact, we have played cricket even in our school auditorium,” he says, adding, “I still remember how the World Cup used to telecast during our final exams. I would study all night or the day before or after, so that I could catch up on the entire match, especially all matches of Pakistan and India and West Indies.”