Republic Day nostalgia


Be it watching the parade, participating in celebrations at school or celebrating the day with family, Republic Day has always been special for our telly actors. They share their best memories of this day.

Ankush Bali – My mom was a gazetted officer and she would be posted at India Gate every year. She took me there once and it was an amazing experience. Wish I could go again.

Saurabh Pandey – I have been patriotic since my childhood. Republic Day has been the most exciting day every year since my childhood. I still remember those Helicopters and jet fighters used to start flying all over Delhi, showering flowers and drawing the tricolour of our flag, in the sky. We used to wait for one whole year to see all the colourful processions of every state which comes out on Rajpath road. I learnt about different cultures of every region of India, looking at that and realised the diversity of our beautiful country. We still watch the parade of 26th Jan on Doordarshan.

Samiksha Bhatnagar – The morning of 26th January is not a usual one in India. Every Indian gets up with an enthusiastic energy to celebrate the day with fervour! RepublicDay used to be something different when we were kids. We used to be excited about the tri-colour decorations, flag hoisting at school and watching the parade with the family. It was a different experience, one which is only in our memories now. The commentary on DD National used to make the Republic Day parade even more memorable. Watching the Republic Day parade with family was a tradition at my place. This would be followed by an analysis of the parade over lunch. As children, I always wished the helicopters would pass from above our homes. In fact, we often ran to the terrace to spot them. Witnessing a live parade was one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime. I lead my school in semiclassical performance on Rajpath. The whole environment and even the rehearsals touch the innermost chords of your hearts and evoke the spirit of patriotism, that inspires us to achieve new heights. We completed the map formation during the dance performance denoting India’s unique feature – ‘Unity in Diversity’. My favourite part of the Republic Day parade is the Grand finale of the spectacular flypast by the IAF.

Suhani Dhanki – Back in school, Republic Day was the most special day as that was the day the newly elected prefects would get their badges. And my best memory of this day was in 2006 when I was made Captain!

Sshrey Pareek – I was a backbencher always and I used to hide from curricular activities. I was an introvert and had stage fright. Whenever Republic Day or Independence Day used to come, I used to skip school as teachers wanted students to participate in activities like the singing song, playing instruments and dancing. There’s one teacher who got to know that I am an introvert and that I am scared to participate, so she would always try to convince me to participate. I wasn’t able to say her no, and she made me participate in singing the National Anthem. After I did it, she appreciated me so much and I felt proud and more confident.

Sheeba – I was not in India during my childhood, so my memories are of Indians getting together and celebrating their Indian roots and pride in their country at wonderful ceremonies.

Gurpreet Singh – Everyone knows that on 26th January 1950 our constitution was released and India become a republic country and on every 26th January we celebrate republic day. In school, every year I use to go to the stage in my school and sing or do a play on patriotism on 26th January. Even I joined NCC national cadet core in my high school and there to I performed the patriotic song ‘mere desh ki dharti’ in training camp. I can’t forget my school days and all those activities I did. As I was always my teachers favourite they always make me stand on stage every day for our national anthem.