Paras Arora: MS Dhoni made me love cricket.


Actor Paras Arora, who is part of Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s MTV BCL, says that he has always been a big fan of cricket. The actor says that he was to be part of BCL last year as well, but could not because of time constraints. “I love cricket a lot. I was supposed to play last year also but I was too busy and couldn’t take out time, so last year I couldn’t play. But, this time I had some free time so I took advantage of that,” he says.

He adds, “I’ve been very fond and an avid lover of cricket right from my childhood. From the time MS Dhoni started playing cricket, especially from then, I started watching cricket. Because of him now I’ve become a huge fan of cricket. The most important thing which I love about cricket is teamwork, the feeling of competitive spirit, unity, that feeling where when your team’s wickets go, you all get stressed and make new plans. Cricket teaches you a lot about life and sportsmanship.”

The actor adds that he was supposed to play for Chennai swaggers last year too. “I have many if my friends in Chennai Swaggers team had many of my friends and last year. Last year too, I practised with that team, but that time it could not happen. This time our team owners Richa Ji and Prayant were very sweet. I am a big fan of MS Dhoni and had a soft corner for Chennai, so that is why I chose to be a part of Chennai Swaggers,” he says.

The actor says that he really had fun this year in the tournament. “I really enjoyed a lot. I made a lot of new friends this time in BCL, so I really enjoyed a lot and it was a very good experience for me,” he says.

He adds, “The entire format of BCL is very good as you get to meet so many actors under one roof, which you can’t manage in your daily working schedule. Management was very good this time.”

Paras says that it’s tough to practice after shooting the entire day. “The same

Thing happened last time too. To take out time for practice in Andheri after shooting in Film City was challenging. But, still, I went to Andheri after my shoot to practice for the BCL matches. If you’re a cricket lover, then you can manage because after shooting, when you go for practising for matches, your stress level goes low. When you meet everyone and practice with them, you feel relaxed. It is a lot of hard work, but it is worth it in the end,” he says.

BCL also helped him make many new friends. “I made a lot of new friends this time in BCL. From our team, Abhishek Verma, Himmanshoo, who was our team’s captain, Ishani Sharma and especially Arshi Ji, who wasn’t a part of our team and was an opponent, were close to me. Even Rakhi Ji entertained a lot on the field,” he says.

The actor says that Delhi Dragons was the strongest team. “I think Delhi Dragons was our biggest competition. The Delhi team has been winning BCL from last two seasons continuously and they had won 15 matches in last two seasons. That team was the toughest competitor for every team. But we finally broke their record by defeating them and for us that feeling was like winning a tournament,” he says.