Nancy James: I got to know a lot about cricket after playing in BCL


Actor Nancy James, who was part of Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s MTV BCL, says that she loves being part of the show. The actor has been playing in BCL since its first season and is a big fan of the format of the show. “I’ve been associated with BCL since day one, right from its first season. It’s something different apart from acting and leading the same routine and daily life on the set every day. This time, I didn’t want to do it but since Rajeev Paaji, the captain of the Jaipur Raj Joshiley team, asked me to join in saying that it will hardly take 10 days and would finish within that time. I said yes and that’s why I joined in this year. It’s sports and I’ve always been interested in sports right from my school days. I used to play basketball, badminton, take part in races. I am a sporty person which is what drove me to BCL,” she says.

Talking about why she chose to be part of Jaipur Raj Joshiley, Nancy says, “It’s not that specifically, I chose that team. The thing is that I was there with the Mumbai team since the past two years. I had also been called to be part of Delhi Dragons as well but it got delayed by three months and I was travelling. For Jaipur Raj Joshiley, last year too Kamya and Rajeev had called me. But I couldn’t do it as my loyalty was towards the Mumbai team. This time again they called me up and out of respect for them, I joined the team,” she says.

The actor says that she had a wonderful time this season. “This time it was amazing. The fact that it will air on MTV which is the biggest youth channel where all the reality shows happen, was amazing. They’ve done full justice with episodes this time where they’ve shown it like a proper reality show with cricket, fighting as well other things. Everything has been given equal importance and it’s very nicely set up. The last two years were also good but this year was my favourite. I performed very well this year too and even I got the ‘girl of the match’ back-to-back for three matches, with three trophies also. So, that really gave me a boost,” she says.

Nancy does admit that taking out time for BCL can be challenging. “It is challenging as we’ve to go for rehearsals, practice, and three matches are being shot back to back, so you’ve to wait for your team’s turn. It’s a game and not a proper reality show. There are fights and other controversies but it’s sports and you want to win too. There are a lot of things so it becomes little difficult especially with practice as for practice takes a lot of time everyday,” she says.

The actor has been playing cricket since her childhood. “I used to watch cricket earlier and used to play in my school with my cousins and my friends. But I started liking cricket more after playing in the first season of  BCL. I learnt. A lot about cricket.  Whenever you start doing anything, you start liking it as well as your knowledge of that thing keeps on increasing,” she says.

Ask her if she made friends during BCL, and she says, “ First of all, all actors who’re there in BCL know each other as they’ve worked with them somewhere down the line. You do get to meet new people but trust me, there’s no chilling time especially in my team. We hardly had any time as there were back-to-back matches and we hardly got time to chill with anyone as rehearsals were there.”

She loved working with Marinating Films and Anand Mishra. “My experience was good as I know them personally also. So, it was good for me. I won’t say that it was amazing as there wasn’t anything amazing that we did as we didn’t get any time to do anything apart from playing cricket. So overall it was a good experience,” she says.