My dream was to become a cricketer: Aadesh Chowdhary


Actor Aadesh Chowdhary, who is the captain of Delhi Dragons at Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s MTV BCL, says that he has always harboured a dream of playing cricket professionally. The actor says that he was so happy when he got the chance to be part of BCL and achieve his dream. “I love cricket and my dream was to become a cricketer. I am so glad that I get to do that finally in BCL, where actors can show their cricket skills. Cricket kanhi bhi ho, hum shuru ho jate hai. (We can play cricket anywhere). Be it in our buildings, on the street, in a bus… all we need is to see a bat and a ball,” he says.

Ask him who he loves to see playing on the field, and he says, “My favourite cricketer is Virat Kohli because he handles pressure very aggressively and never loses hope. He is always playing to win, which really motivates me.”

Aadesh says that he loves being part of Delhi Dragons because of the passion that each and every player has for the game. “Delhi Dragons is a team in which every player has a lot of passion for cricket. They love the game and will give up anything to play it. That makes it more fun playing the game with them,” he says.

However, the actor does admit that it is tough to take out time every day to practice. But they still manage it. “Yes, it is tough to take time out for practicing every day. But we all love the game and don’t mind sweating it out. We generally practice in night from10:00pm to midnight,” he says.

Ask him what his main goal is as a captain, and he says, “My main aim at this point is to get 100 percent from every player and win the cup. That is the task that I have been assigned. How the team plays together is my responsibility. I need to make sure that they are all united and rock as a team.”

As far as stamina is concerned, Aadesh is not worried. “We are actors and we work hard in the gym every day. Plus, we have long working schedules, so we anyway have a lot of stamina,” he says.

Aadesh is enjoying his association with Marinating Films. “It’s been amazing working with Marinating Films. They are wonderful people and I love associating with them,” he says.