Madhavv C. Deochakke: I came on board with BCL as I love cricket


Actor Madhav C. Deochakke, who played for Goa Killer in Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s MTV BCL, says that he really enjoyed being part of the show. The actor has always been fond of cricket and therefore loved being part of BCL. “I chose to be part of the show as cricket is my first love. I played for Goa Killer and it was amazing,” he says.

However, the actor adds that it’s tough to take out time for BCL. “It is tough these days especially when you are not sitting at home and are busy shooting, the schedules are very tight. Practice timings are always uncertain. But still everyone manages as they love cricket. And that too, when its a different ball game. If I would not have been an actor, definitely I would have been a cricketer,” he says.


Ask him what were the main challenges this season, and he says, “I think Delhi and Mumbai were the toughest teams to play against. My main challenge was to

Be able to handle the pressure. Cricket is a game where anything can happen at any point of time.”

The fact that BCL is airing on MTV was another motivation for the actor. “MTV is a youth channel and this will help me connect with the youth. It is super fun and the younger lot of people really enjoy BCL,” he says.

And who were just favourite players this year? “My favourite cricketer in BCL is Aadesh Chaudhary and Yudi.”