Insta post of TV Stars tells a unique story

Dalljiet Kaur – ”This painting depicts the free spirit and courage of women to break free”.
Kajol Srivastava – ”You are perfect just the way you are”.
Priyamvada Kant – ”Dress up like going to a party later on”.
Rashami Desai – ”Dancing has always been my first love”.
Sheeba – ”An actor’s life is always vibrant and interesting”.
Smiriti Kalra – ”Holi is incomplete without colours and friends”.
Jasmin Bhasin – ”Leave your inhibitions behind by letting your heart guide you”.
Tannaz Irani – ”10 years to Bhaktyaar’s and my togetherness in 10 days”.
Ruhi Chaturvedi – ”Always ready to slay it with looks”.