In Conversation with Meri Durga Fame Srishti Jain


Let’s get candid with the Meri Durga Star Srishti Jain who wish to become an actor since she was 6 years old. And made sure that her dream got fulfilled. She kicked start her journey in the industry with Suhani Si Ek Ladki as Parellel Lead and then rest is a history as we know it. As the Show as gone off, it has left a strong message behind for the audience.

How was your experience and the journey in Meri Durga.

Durga was my first show as a lead. Nothing compares to that. I always wanted to be a hero and not a damsel in distress and that’s what I got. RG Sir made me look like a hero. Thanks to Pradeep ji and RG Sir and the channel I got this opportunity.

It was a roller coaster ride. From doing action scenes, to running on the track to all those highly emotional scenes it has all been such a beautiful experience. The whole team was so hard working and the cast was just amazing. They’re like family now❤ Baba will always be my Baba and Maa will always be Maa and Aashna Ramansh and chachu and Dadi will always be like family. Paras was also great support and it was fun working with him. Overall I can’t be any more grateful to everyone who supported me through this journey , especially the fans❤ i love them and I’m so happy they loved us enough for us to have a beautiful run on screen.

What do u miss the most about the show.

I miss shooting in general. I miss Everyone a lot. The whole cast like I said is like family so I miss seeing them every day. I miss Durga..I was so connected to the Character , she’ll always live in me.

Any specific kind of role you wish to play next.

I don’t have anything specific in mind about what I want to do next. I believe in not planning to much and setting expectations because if it doesn’t work out you just get disappointed. So I’m just going to let life surprise me. Though I wish to play a character just as strong as durga and inspire people and be able to contribute to society in some way.

Your Role Model.

My role model in my life is my father and my mother. They’re such pure souls and they’re so hard working. My father is a self made man and I just wish to be able to be that passionate about whatever I do and have the kind of dedication he has.

In my particular field I idolise Irfan Khan Sir, Vidya Balan Ma’am . I mean they’re just such beautiful performers. They’re brilliant at their craft and I wish to be able to become that good someday.

Your Dream role would be like.

My dream role has to be something like Bahubali. Like a warrior princess or something. I love strong characters and I love action. To be able to play such a strong powerful character would definitely be a dream come true.