If offered, would definitely do Bigg Boss: Sneha Wagh

Actor Sneha Wagh is a big fan of Bigg Boss and wants to be part of the show. The actor is an avid watcher and has seen all the episodes of the last season. “I’m a huge follower of Bigg Boss. I never watched the previous

seasons but this year I got hooked only after a few first episodes. I love the format of the game. You can’t hide anything. Your real personalities will definitely come out. Audiences are very very smart. And today’s generation is very different, they know the difference between fake and real. They don’t follow anyone blindly. They have their reasons,” she says.

In fact, social media has become a big to which fans use to support their favorite contestant and also to discuss the game, says Sneha. “Social media today has obtained a lot of power. It’s the most impactful media in today’s world. While tweeting about the show, I realized one thing that like me, most of the fans are were very attentive. Not one small detail was forgiven. The extra dose episodes were of big help. We could see behind the scenes drama. If offered I would definitely be a part of the show,” she says.

Ask her if Shilpa Shinde deserved to win, and she says, “Shilpa was the most righteous and humane in the show. She’s down to earth and behaves her age. She played the game when necessary and with honesty.”