Guardian Angels


Teachers are a big part of our formative years and this Teachers’ Day, our telly actors salute those who have guided them through life.

Ankit Siwach (4)

Ankit Siwach: All the teachers have been an integral part of my life. Starting from my first and lifelong teachers, my grandparents and parents have taught me the meaning of living a worthy life. They taught me how to always stay grounded. I learnt so much from all my teachers in school. I can’t name a specific person, I have always loved all my teachers, who taught me in school and college.

Sehban Azim

Sehban Azim: It’s difficult to find a favorite teacher when you yourself aren’t a very good student. As a kid, you tend to love and respect the teacher who has been kind and understanding towards your problems and excuses. I still remember, we used to have these half an hour extra classes in English in school. Senior students were assigned to a group of 5-6 young students for this and they would teach us. I remember this young, beautiful and nicely dressed senior, with two braids on each side, always looking out for me. The groups would get shuffled every week, but somehow she would always try to have me in her group. This happened for the entire winter that year and the next year I left the school. Later when I grew up a little, I recalled the entire thing and realized that I was an introvert and had major issues communicating with new students every week. It was very difficult for me to have a conversation in any language, let alone English. She had that figured out already, so after every shuffle, she would come looking for me so that she can take me back to her group. I remember she once told me that I resemble her younger brother, who was as shy as me. Once I was little older I went back to school to look for her but couldn’t find anything about her and what I regret is that I had even forgotten her name. I think she taught me a lot of things just by being a good soul.


Ramman Handa: My favorite teacher in college was Mrs. Deepa Bhargav. She was one of the teachers in the Interior Design course, which I was pursuing in Delhi. She is an architect and used to teach us architecture. She is the one, who supported me when I was struggling to pay for my studies by selling books and flowers at the signal. She gave me personal attention and also gave me work, so that I could focus on my studies. I can never forget her gesture of taking me to her house to feed me and give me moral support. I regret that I couldn’t thank her enough for what she did for me. I have learned to be a fighter by looking at her and I wish I could have spent more time with my mentor.

Karan Oberoi

Karan Oberoi: My favorite teacher in school was also my first teacher of music. His name was Pandit Jagatram Verma. He was a genial old man, who was an inspiring figure in my life. He gave me my most valued treasure of realising my skew towards music and encouraged me to start learning music when I was 6 years old. His gentle and endearing words of encouragement still resonate in my ears. He taught me one of life’s biggest lessons, that is to pursue my dreams at all costs and to never to give up. He taught me quite a few instruments starting from banjo, tabla, harmonium, sitaar etc. My dad was in the army and we had to constantly be moving around, so I could not spend much time with him.

Nutan Rai (1)

Nutan Rai: Mr. Edward was my favourite teacher in school. One thing that I really liked about him was that he was so patient and calm in situations. I have only seen him lose his temper once because my classmates were pushing his limits. He always knew how to handle the situation. I have yet to master this technique.

Jasmin Bhasin good pic

Jasmin Bhasin: My favourite teacher in school was our director Mrs. Urmil Bakshi, who was also our English teacher. The best thing I learned from her was how she controlled and managed our school. She inspired me to follow my dreams. Whatever I am today is because of her. I have learned to be independent and persistent because of her. I really respect her a lot.

Shardul Pandit-new

Shardul Pandit: My favourite teacher was my art teacher Mrs. Pendse. Not many people know but I was a very quiet kid in school. In fact, I was like Darsheel Safary in Taare Zameen Par. I never interacted much with anyone but she discovered that I sketch and encouraged me come out of my shell.

Manish Wadhwa

Manish Wadhwa: My favorite teacher was Professor A D Patel from Dalmia college in Malad. Whatever I am today is all because of him. He taught me to do my work in a positive manner and not be cruel to anyone. I can never forget what I learnt from him and the awards I won. I wanted to excel in my work and I did as well, all because of him.

Shakti Arora-in black

Shakti Arora: When I was in the first year of my college, I was doing a travel and tourism course. There was this teacher, Pushpita, who was very fond of me. She was pretty young and was always kind and nice to me. She found me cute. She used to give me notes personally. I remember a day when I did not feel like taking down notes and I lied to her, saying that a dumbbell fell on my arm. She wrote the notes for me in class that day. It was because of her that I developed an interest in the subject and became a very good student.

Sara Arfeen Khan

Sara Arfeen Khan: Mrs. Francis was my favourite teacher. She taught me Maths and I used to even take tuitions from her. She was a wonderful teacher. She had four dogs which made me overcome my fear of dogs as well. I learned a lot from her. The way she conducted herself, the way she taught with so much kindness…She was strict but in a motherly way. I still remember her and her house in Chembur.

Rohit Purohit-body shot

Rohit Purohit: My favorite teacher in the school was my music teacher, Pushpa Dubey. She was the one who got me interested in music and really encouraged me to pursue it. My father has also taught me a lot. He taught me all about work ethics and how you should behave where you are working. I learnt how to be committed to my work from him.

Neha Saxena

Neha Saxena: I consider my mother as my best teacher in my real life. The best thing I learned from her was to stay strong in any situation in life She is always been my pillar of strength.