Have woken up groggy , feeling super cranky ? geyser goes off and there isn’t any hot water at home … what I do feel like wearing to work is not ironed , breakfast seems tasteless , eyes feel swollen ,  need more sleep ,  need some coffee , and  need more sleep again .

​​On your way to work , car gets banged by some crazy person talking on the phone , late to work and dealing with a massive traffic jam . boss is nagging for being late and work unfinished and just feel like taking a break and doing nothing , and then you think about how fed up you are with life and how so many other issues don’t seem to end …. So having a bad day in short?

On a day which doesn’t seem like the perfect one how do youmake oneself feel better? How do we get out of that annoying feeling and a sense of depression seeking in….? Life is not as bad as it looks. With every dark hour there is brightness all over awaiting you with open arms.

Here are a couple of things you could do, that will make you smile from within:-

– Workout = working out and looking good no matter how old you are gives you the biggest adrenaline rush and a sense of achievement of being fit. Reiterating, do this only and only for yourself, not to show anyone anything. Push your bar as much as you can and take the step to get fit
– Write = I know a lot of us think, writing is so old school and boring, if your lazy enough write in on your notepad on your phones / pen down points that are bothering you / write to someone imaginary who is there just to listen to you but put down each and every emotion without a sense of worry, there is definitely someone listening to you and that is you, yourself. This is answer a lot of questions running in your head and will also get your solutions that lie within you
– Appreciate = Pick up that phone and thank someone for an effort they made for you, tell them you did notice it and would want to acknowledge it.
– Music = Music is known to spread a lot of positive vibes, play music which can be any kind that makes you want to dance and sing to it. Lock yourself in a room and do absolutely anything crazy and let out all the inner upset feeling out and let go. Yet again no one but you yourself is watching ….
– Socialize = catch up with an old friend, who you have been trying to make some plans with , although that clearly hasn’t happened and that friend should be someone who is not connected to any issues in life . Someone who gets you off everything and you reconnect with an old friend too.

A thumb rule that we all need to tell ourselves, problems can be dealt differently if we work on changing our perception towards it. Do not look at each and every thing as an issue; try looking at things of a way of life teaching you how to deal with it. There are millions of people all over the world who may not be as privileged as you and are in a lot of physical and mental pain. One cannot compare the definition of pain we go through, but can definitely make it lighter by working on the way we perceive an issue. Each problem teaches us something, learn. This is life’s way of saying ‘hey you have grown up , deal with it’ … so when it is your turn to deal with it , look at it as a learning lesion and a passing phase and to feel good try any of the above or do anything crazy which makes you happy but do it and move on . Life is too short to brood over spilt milk

Simran Bansal Phadtare