Chandra Kochhar – Modern Day Woman of Substance


We all know her as the face of one of the leading banks of India – ICICI Bank. Chandra Kochhar has successfully taken this bank into a direction of success and dedication towards serving people. A visionary that she is has helped the bank to shape its public identity in a very positive spirit. Being a woman, a wife and a mother she has surpassed all the expectations and succeeded like a shinning star in the sky. She has been awarded the “Business Woman of the Year” in 2005 by the Economic Times and has been consistently figured in Fortune’s List of “Most Powerful Women in Business” since 2005. Wow, this is a splendid achievement made by a woman in our country. Right from her family to her colleagues at work, all salute her for immense dedication towards work and her vision. There is immense wisdom which can be learnt from this woman to colour our lives too. Here are a few wisdom pearls to learn from her:

• Dedication and commitment: Of course, without dedication and commitment can be no achievement and here is a woman who displays these attributes to the core. She is surely a person to be looked upon when it comes to understanding the depth of commitment one should have in life.
• Understanding the needs of your peers: If we need to work as a team, then we need to understand the pressures of each person, so that one can draw the strengths from each individual and make the project a success. Whether it is professional or personal life, this rule applies at all times. If we can understand the needs of the other person, accordingly work can be distributed and a win-win situation can be created.
• Thinking out-of-the box: The modern day is encouraging us to think out of the box, and this is obvious because of the cut-throat competition. We are living in a world where creativity is just rising with each passing day. No matter, what work you do, it has to be creative and Chandra Kochhar has exhibited this very well. Taking banking to the rural India is surely out of the box thinking. Making banking an experience than just a need is too an out of the box thinking example.
• Balancing work and family: Remember the letter which went viral that Chandra Kochhar wrote to her daughter where she explained how she always gave her best shot in balancing her work life and being a mother too. Of course, one needs that too as we cannot ignore our family because whether we accept or not, family is the emotional support system. Without this support, one cannot move ahead with a clear focus and vision in life.
• Clear Vision: One of the most important things to learn from her is having a vision. Without a clear vision of your goal, achievement is not possible as there are many obstacles then. A clear vision will help you bring your focus towards the upcoming obstacles which can be dealt with before hand.

I am sure learning these qualities can enrich our lives. But before that, let us salute this woman for teaching us these pearls of wisdom and showcasing them in her work.
Shweta 🙂