Cast of Sunny Side Up and Humtum Telefilms Badho Bahu on & TV talks about how would they beat the heat!

Rytasha Rathore (Badho) – I want to roam around naked to beat this heat if that is allowed! That is the only way!
Shagun Pandey

Shagun Pandey (Vardhaan) – I will celebrate summers with sun drenched days and starlit nights. I will beat the heat by drinking lots of water. I will go for light meals with chiselled abs diet.

Ojaswi Arora
Ojaswi Aroraa (Kareena) – I will beat the heat by drinking lots of coconut water and buttermilk. I will eat fruits like watermelon and will go for ice-creams! I also use Gulab Jal face spray and cucumber eye pack. It is a perfect summer combo!
Paras Chhabra (2)
Paras Chhabra (Tejinder) – For beating the heat I’m kind of on a liquid diet. I am drinking pineapple juice and when I’m on the set shooting, I drink over-chilled water or sometimes nimbu pani. I am having lot of salads too. I avoid spicy food. And I also try to be in air-conditionned room as much as I can.
Antara Banerjee
Antara Banerjee (Pinky) – I at least try to have coconut water thrice. It’s good for health, keeps us hydrated. And I try avoiding oily stuff in summers and prefer having lots of hydrating fruits like watermelon, litchi etc
Karmveer Chaudhary
Karmveer Chaudhary (Lucky’s Tau ji) – From my childhood, I use to take buttermilk and curd on regular basis, three times a day. It’s my habit. I never take cold drinks.
Jaya Ojha 1
Jaya Ojha (Lucky’s Mom) – To beat the heat I do shitli pranayama in morning, drink coconut water,neembu pani and carry chhas every day to shoot.