Baisakhi nostalgia


Baisakhi is here! And so are the colourful clothes and yummy sweets. TV actors share their memories of the festival.

Ssharad Malhotraa – There is a well-known club called Punjab club in Kolkata where we used to go as kids on this day. The entire Punjabi community gathered and celebrated the festival with a lot of pomp and joy. I would buy new fancy clothes, listen to good music, eat lip smacking Punjabi delicacies and sweets…Not to forget the famous gidda that the entire family chipped in and loved being a part of. Baisakhi is also known as Punjabi new year. It’s additionally a spring harvest festival mainly for the Sikh community. I make it a point to wish my Punjabi friends.

Mohammad Nazim – I belong to Markotla village where Vaishaki is celebrated traditionally. Families meet each other on this day. In the evening, there is naach gaana too.  The day is observed by Punjab’s farming community as a day of thanksgiving for the abundant harvest. The community also seeks blessings for future prosperity and progress. People wear colourful clothes and gorge on sweets like til ke ladoo etc and meeta halwa.

Jasmin Bhasin – I miss the days when I used to live with my family. I grew up in a joint family and we used to get up early and visit a gurudwara in Kota Badgaon. We used to go for langar and my grandmother used to cook sweet yellow rice. We used to dance, have food and a lot of fun with family altogether. It’s very special because it’s a harvest festival, when the wheat crops are ready and it’s very special to farmers. It is considered as a very auspicious day in my caste and religion as a lot of important things also are planned on this day.