Badho Bahu stars celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi


Ganesh Chaturthi is here and the star cast of Dipti Kalwani’s (Sunny Side Up), Teenna Swayyam Sushant Kumar’s (Hum Tum Telefilms) Badho Bahu, share the significance of Ganesh festival in their lives.

Karamveer Choudhary

Karamveer Choudhary – Ganpati Bappa’s festival is important for everyone. I don’t keep Ganpati at my place because I feel that I will not be able to do the puja and take care of the idol properly. I believe that these things need to be done with discipline. So, I just pray to Bappa by folding my hands and thinking of peace, happiness and equality in society. Sometimes, when I am not well or am feeling uneasy, I visit Siddhivinayak temple and Bappa listens to all my problems and I find solutions. I try to pray to him whenever I get time in the entire day. Ganesh festival is the one festivals where everyone comes together to have fun and celebrate. This year I am praying that, like every year, Bappa comes to us, helps to solve our problems and brings peace, prosperity and happiness everywhere.

Sangeeta Panwar

Sangeeta Panwar – I don’t have Ganpati at home. But we do have Ganpati celebrations in our building, where we have lots of fun and eat yummy Modak. Bappa’s presence in my life is inevitable. Last year, during Ganpati, Bappa gave us our grandson Aarit, and his presence is Ganpati Bappa’s presence in our life. Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Shagun Pandey

Shagun Pandey – I don’t need a specific day to pray to Bappa, every morning puja happens at my place. Every day I fold my hands and pray to Bappa for peace. I don’t want anything else from him, just to keep an eye out for me and help me make my destiny. As the saying goes, no puja is started without Ganpati’s puja, so I follow that every day. I am a big devotee of Lord Shiva, but every day I pray to Ganpatiji first. I don’t have Ganpati at my place, but the day I buy my own house in Mumbai, I promise Bappa, that I will bring him every year. Bappa makes sure that everything that I venture into goes right. The tradition of Ganpati festival in India is very unique and I just wish people should be more God loving people than not God fearing.

Arsha Goswami

Arsha Goswami – I want to visit Lalbagh this year for Ganpati. We don’t have Ganpati at home but Bappa has been my favourite god since childhood. I have felt his presence so many times. I was an average student in school and I used to pray to him during my results. And he has always fulfilled my wishes. Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated by Lokmanya Tilak to unite people against the British, that is the significance of the festival, it unites people and brings peace and happiness to everyone.