Ashita Dhawan:  It’s amazing as all actors come under one roof having only a single motive of winning


Actor Ashita Dhawan loved the concept of Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s MTV BCL, which is why she agreed to be part of it. The actor, who played for Kota Royals Rajasthan, says that the show is very different from regular cricket. “I chose to be a part of MTV BCL as it’s a very interesting concept. The best part is that the ball is very light so you’re not scared of the ball hurting you, which is the fear of maximum girls. You enjoy the sport and playing with the boys is quite competitive,” she says.

The actor admits that initially she did not want to be part of Kota Royals Rajasthan. “Actually, I didn’t want to be part of Kota Royals Rajasthan. Till last year, I was playing for Rowdy Bangalore but this year that team was not there in BCL. They approached me and I liked the team. My husband Sailesh was also playing in that team, so I thought that I will get to spend more time with him. Normally, husband and wife don’t play cricket together but here there was an opportunity where we both could play together and it was interesting and a lot of fun,” she says.

She had an amazing experience playing for BCL. “It’s amazing as all actors come under one roof having only a single motive of winning. They put their best foot forward. Nobody takes this lightly and everyone puts in equal amount of effort, passion. It was amazing. There’re so many actors willing to be part of BCL even if they’re sitting in the dugouts cheering for their team. So I think that’s an amazing thing that even if you’re not on the field, being a part of the team is beautiful as you’re cheering for your team, where your motive is to win. So it’s great,” she says.

Ashita admits that it is tough to take out time for BCL along with your regular shows. “Being part of the TV Industry and working in daily soaps, it’s extremely difficult to take out time for a sports reality show as it requires a lot of fitness. You need to be in your best shape, because if you’re not working out and just shooting and going for the practice, there’re possibilities of you getting a cramp, or a hamstring pull, so it can be very risky. It gets very tiring and exhausting. I remember that we used to practice from 12 to 3 in the night as there was no other time slot available. So life at that point had just changed where there’s nothing you can do because 12 to 3 you’re practising irrespective of the fact that you’re shooting the next day, so it’s difficult. But, we all like challenges and as actors, we do what needs to be done. You get energy as you’re doing something different,” she says.

The actor was never a big fan of cricket. “There was a point in my life where I really hated cricket and couldn’t even sit down to watch a single ball. But then when I started dating Sailesh, he used to love cricket. So I thought that if I’ve to spend the rest of my life with him, I rather like what he likes. That’s why I started developing my interest in cricket. I was so much in love with Sailesh that I used to sit and watch test matches so that I could give him regular updates when he’s working. It used to amaze him that I am trying to like something that he likes. I think that somewhere cricket was a major part where our bonding became very strong as a couple. The best part about cricket is that it gets everyone together where that competitive spirit is there. The motive is winning the game and I like that about cricket as there’s a lot of discipline and you’ve to work as a team,” she says.

The actor also has a nice time working with both Ekta and Anand. “The marination of Marinating Films (Anand’s production house) and Balaji Telefilms (Ekta’s production house) is a unique concept in itself. Anand Mishra is a fantastic guy. He’s so calm, composed and very intelligent. It felt nice to be associated with someone like him because you can see his heart lies in what he does,” she says.