Ankit Arora speaks on Badho Bahu !

How will you define your character of Balvinder? 
> I like the way he presents himself with full attitude and charming guy.
 Ankit Arora (2)
What prompted you to take the role? 
> From last 3yrs I am doing costume drama so just for a change and of course the character Balwinder is nice.
Ankit Arora (3)
What response are you getting for the role?
> The team is very good. It’s my second day today and I feel good being here. Specially prince and Arhaan Khan.
Ankit Arora (4)
How is it working with Dipti Kalwani, Sushant Kumar and Teenna Swayyam?
> I am getting a good response from the team here. Waiting for audience response now. Fingers crossed.