Abraam Pandey: I was destined to be an actor


Actor Abraam Pandey has always been known for his excellent acting abilities, but very few know that the actor actually left a successful corporate job behind to follow his passion. The actor says that he it was his love for acting that made him stick here. “I always wanted to join the Indian Army and was very fascinated with it. But later, I decided to join the corporate sector for a few years. But all those years, I was not happy with what I was doing. Acting was somewhere at the back of my mind and one of friends also suggested that I get into it. I planned to get into it via modelling and realised that my destiny was to be an actor and I am enjoying it very much,” he says.

Abraam sees himself being well settled in the showbiz in the next ten years. “I want to be a highly respected and fine actor in Bollywood. That is my dream and my plan for the next ten years. I will put in all my efforts to make sure it comes true,” he says.

While Abraam has essayed various roles, ask him what his dream role is, and he says, “Every role is a dream role for me. But if I have to specify, then it would be playing a grey character,” he says.

TV actors often follow a very tough schedule. Abraam spends time with family and follows his hobbies to unwind and relax. “Talking to my family, meeting friends, sightseeing, and of course, an adventurous drive with my lovely boy Max are some things that relax me,” he says.