2B family wishes all of you a healthy Dhanteras.


2B family wishes all of you a healthy Dhanteras.

These 4 days of Diwali our filled with joy and abundance. Today Dhanteras is a very special day as it gives a reminder of LORD DHANVANTARI also known as Lord of Ayurveda medicines .Today also carries a special signifies of Lord YAMA The Lord of death.

As the ancient Hindu scriptures suggest Lord Dhanvantari is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the discoverer of Ayurveda.

Indra, the king of the Devatas, was once cursed by Durvasa Muni all his strength ,vitality and fortune was .As a result of this curse Asuras (demons) led by king Bali, defeated Indra and took control of the universe.

Indra and other devas went to Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu advised them to treat asuras in a diplomatic manner. Devas formed an alliance with asuras to jointly churn the ocean for the nectar of immortality (amrita) and to share it among themselves. Lord Vishnu told Devas that he would arrange nectar only for them.

The churning of the ocean was a long process. During the churning, many Divine objects and beings emerged from the ocean. At the end of this process, Lord Dhanvantari appeared from the ocean. He was carrying with him a pot filled with the divine nectar of immortality.

The asuras snatched the pot containing the nectar and started quarreling about which of them will drink the nectar first. Lord Vishnu didn’t miss this opportunity to trick them. He appeared as Mohini, a beautiful woman who fascinated the demons, recovered the nectar from them, and distributed it only among the demigods. As soon as the demigods drank it, they were reenergised and they defeated the demons.

Lord Vishnu blessed that Lord Dhanvantari would appear again in the world to teach men the science of Ayurveda. When Lord Indra, saw humanity suffering in pain and desiese he pleaded with Lord Dhanvantari to descend into the material world and teach Ayurveda to the human race.

This auspicious day , is celebrated by worshipping Lord Dhanvantri and reciting this mantra
“om Namo bhagavate vasudevaye dhanvantaraye amrta kalasa hastaya saravamaya vinasanaya trailokya srimahavisnave namaha,,,!

Today also a ritual of Lord Yama is performed to avoid untimely death.At dusk, a earthen. Lamp filled with til ( sesame ) oil is placed outside the house entrance pointing toward North by North-East praying to Yam that we receive death on our destine time with ease and joy.

Today let’s promise to ourself that the biggest Dhan( wealth ) divine has given us which is our body,we will take good care of it as it is said “Body is the temple of the soul”

Peace Aways

Dr. Kaajal Rohira