15 Aug 2017 Independence Day  Selfie with police 


Let’s teach our children that police represent safety, security, Assistsnce, respect and justice.
Let’s create a bond between police and our younger generation with selfie with police.

As a nation we want growth. With growth comes responsibility to be civil , respectful and grateful towards our police men/ women. Respecting, trusting and supporting police play a vital role in growth of a nation. We follow law and order so that our society can function without fiction and violence. Police puts in all there efforts to give us a frearless society , but is it only there duty? Let’s ask ourself what we doing ? How can we support then ? . policing has gone thru a lot of institutional transformation and slowly moving ahead . Let’s join hands and show them that we care, we trust . Let’s change our energies with police from grievances and non satisfaction to gratefulness & thankfulness . Let’s bring smile in this relationship and show we support you and we care for you. Let’s have a selfi with our guardian police and show our thankfulness. 2B starts this initiative “Care of the care taker “, let’s show Police our gratefulness. Teach our children the importance of police and there relationship.

Join us in showing the police we are grateful, we support and we care ,take a selfi with your guardian police make him/ her smile , show ur gratefulness and share it with us so that this spreads our police feels wanted and respected.